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This is a boat.

Let's go canoe from our historical primitive port to obtain sophisticated experience.

We will provide a small group tour (up to 6 ppl/tour) so you will get deep knowledge and experience through the safe but exciting time.

You will probably join the tour with the other group(s). Enjoy talking with the others and let's make a great team of adventurers during the tour.

We provide several sit-on canoes:

Sit-on Single: two

Sit-on Dual: two

Canadian dual: one

Tour schedules

We provide two tours per day. See below for the rough schedule of the tour. The tour may be changed or cancelled due to the weather condition.


9:00/13:30   Meet at Sumiyo Mangrove Park

9:15/13:45    Get in our base

9:30/14:00    Lets go Canoeing!

11:00/15:30  Return to the port

11:30/16:00  Finish and relax

To book the tour please contact us: 

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